Curing Bad Posture In The Office Setting: How It's Done

27 November 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

How many times have you seen everyone in the office, slumped over a desk while staring at computer screens? Then, when they get up for a break, they walk around hunched over too. All this bad posture in the office is disconcerting, and it is not healthy, either. Thankfully, as the department head, you can change the bad posture problem in the office. Here is how:

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Start by requesting ergonomic office chairs for every employee. If the company says that that expense is not feasible, simply explain to them the benefits of ergonomic chairs.

  • They correct bad posture.
  • They make office work more comfortable and less painful
  • Employees miss less work because they are in less pain
  • Less back and neck pain means increased production
  • Increased production means bigger profits for the company
  • Fewer medical complaints and claims means less expensive insurance and fewer worker's comp claims, which leads to less money paid out on such claims
  • Better overall health for employees

Make sure to bring proof in your presentation to the big bosses. The benefits of having ergonomic chairs for employees will be sure to impress them enough to at least consider the proposition.

Adjustable Desks or Sit-to-Stand Desks

Additionally, universal cubicle desks are one-size-fits-all in a world where all employees are different sizes. Petite people are straining to sit higher to see their computers, while the "big and tall" people are nearly curled into a ball in their chairs. This is just bad posture all around!

If you cannot get the big bosses to acquiesce to ergonomic chairs, ask for adjustable desks to accommodate the wide variance of heights in the office. There is also the option of "sit-to-stand" desks that allow people to lift the main portion of the desk up to a comfortable working height when employees are standing. Posture is improved because no one is slumped over or straining to view a screen that is not at eye level. This is the cheapest option of all, and it works for practically everyone of any height. 

Mandatory Stretch Periods

Finally, try to get the big bosses to agree to mandatory stretch periods. Stretching helps get the blood flowing again while realigning one's posture. Reaching overhead and bending all the way over puts the back, neck, and head back into a straighter vertical line. It is easier to have straighter posture when your office furniture and stretch breaks relieve you of pain and awkward sitting positions.