How To Choose The Right Store For Your Eyewear

8 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

One of the most common places where customers purchase eyewear products is from their optometrist. This is a very convenient place to purchase glasses, but not necessarily the cheapest.  You also have the option of purchasing from a major eyewear producer or from a large discount chain. You may also find some eyeglasses entirely online.

The Eye Doctor

One of the upsides of purchasing glasses from your eye doctor is that he or she knows exactly what type of glasses you need and it is convenient to have your eyes checked and immediately order new glasses. Otherwise, you will need your prescription before purchasing new glasses, requiring two stops.

Online Stores

Purchasing your eyewear products online is one of the least common ways that customers purchase glasses, but with special deals and coupons, this can sometimes be the most affordable. However, many customers prefer not to receive their glasses by mail and may find it a hassle if they must return them by mail. Regardless, if the store sent a pair of glasses with a defect, you are entitled to a free pair of glasses at no additional charge. 

One of the best parts of going into a store is that you can try on frames to decide if you like them. However, online stores sometimes have apps that allow you to upload a picture and have the frames digitally placed over your face to give you an idea.

Discount Chain Stores

If you would prefer to walk inside, a large discount chain can be the easiest option. For those who need the most basic glasses, these stores sell the cheapest types. However, if you need better frames or high-definition progressive lenses, they may be as expensive as other locations. Also, you can purchase discount frames and purchase the lenses from elsewhere.

Name Brand Stores

Some stores only sell their brand name glasses. If there is a specific style that you love, shopping at your ideal brand's store is one of the best options. With brand name stores, you will often see shorter warranties.

Many stores will offer extended service contracts for an additional charge. While there may be unique circumstances where you need more time, this is often an unnecessary expense. However, these stores are the best option if you are not concerned about the cost and simply want the best glasses. If you'd like to get a second pair, you could purchase a discount pair to serve as a backup.