2 Tips For Assessing Your Company's Leadership Team

14 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your company has a fairly large staff, you may have a team of managers and leaders to help coordinate the workload and oversee how the job gets done. However, you may be concerned about your team's ability to lead. If so, use the following tips for assessing your company's leadership team to get an idea of how well they are doing.

Ask Your Leaders about Their Focus

One step you can take when assessing the abilities of your individual team leaders is to speak with each of them in a one-on-one meeting. While speaking with them, ask them about their primary focus when handing everyday workflows, as well as how they manage problems that may arise.

Ideally, your team members should be goal-oriented. Their plans of action should revolve around getting results in the most efficient manner. 

However, if you have managers that always seem to be in crisis mode, their focus may be shifted to concentrate only on potential problems. If this is their primary focus, they may start trying to find problems to which they can offer a solution.

Instead of directing their attention towards positive goals, they may only see the negative outcomes. If this is the case, their attitude may pass on to the employees under them, creating a stressful environment because they are always looking for problems instead of solutions.

Obtain Feedback from Employees

After speaking with each member of your leadership team to see where their focus lies, turn your attention towards the employees working under them. You can either interview each employee individually, or you can send out a survey.

The way your workers perceive their direct supervisors could affect how they see their jobs and, in turn, affect their productivity. If a worker feels as though they are constantly under stress from their manager, they may not be able to fully work to their potential. They may find themselves so stressed that they are scattered, resulting in a decrease in their workflow.

However, if a worker is happy and goal-oriented because of how they are being treated by a positive leader, they will show signs of enjoying their job. As a result, their work will most likely be efficient and complete.

Using the tips above can give you a quick overview of how well your company's leaders are performing. However, if you feel you need more in-depth information, contact a company that specializes in leadership team assessments so they can help you come up with a strategy to evaluate and develop your managers' leadership skills. Contact a company, like Envision Global Leadership, Inc., for more help.