3 Tips For Turning Your Successful Online Business Into A Coaching Opportunity

15 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

There are many people who have found success online through different modalities, such as social media, affiliate marketing, or content creation. If you have a successful online business, you should consider branching out by coaching others to reach their business goals.


Before you start advertising coaching services, you will want to practice your abilities as a coach on people you know. When you build an online business, you come in contact with people who become your acquaintance through social media and having a similar goal. Try to find an acquaintance or two who may not be where they desire in their business pursuits and are willing to be coached. This is an opportunity for them to receive help for free and you can receive constructive feedback on your abilities as a coach. Additionally, you and your acquaintances have the opportunity to test different types of communication that would be useful for your coaching business. Although you will mainly want to interact with clients through email or private chats in social media, you might want to offer premium coaching services through video chat or phone calls.

Invest In Your Website

Since your website will be the major resource for attracting clients, you need to make the investment in a web design and marketing services that can help you achieve the best website for your coaching business. In addition to basic information about your business and the services you offer, you may want to have extra features on your website. For example, you might consider having a free community where people can register and talk about building their business. Paying clients can have a portal to access certain content, such as reference materials or e-courses. Adding several features to your website will allow you to attract clients with different budgets. You can offer some limited services to clients who do not have a large budget for coaching, or you can have a full-range of services for those with larger budgets.

Consider Credentialing

Although your business success will speak for itself, it is worth the investment to consider any form of nationally-recognized credentialing. There are accredited coach training programs (ACTP) that may offer courses and certification in a wide range of coaching, including business or lifestyle. Since you expect people to make the investment in furthering their business goals by hiring you as a coach, you want them to know you have what it takes to be an effective coach. Once you receive your credentialing, adding this information to your website and social media accounts will encourage visitors to trust what you say, and they can feel safer investing in your coaching services. If your online business ventures are related to fitness or relationships, consider adding to your credentials by becoming a fitness or relationship coach.

Business coaching is an excellent opportunity to expand your income potential while helping a wide variety of people reach their goals. Contact a company like Envision Coach Training for more information and assistance.