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4 Things You Need To Know About Hemp Tea

Hemp tea is made from the leaves of the hemp plant. Hemp tea is a natural tea that can offer your body many different health benefits. Hemp tea is very similar to other types of tea.

#1 Hemp Tea Is A Loose Leaf Tea

Although you may be able to find some hemp tea in tea bags, with hemp tea, you are looking more at a loose leaf tea. Many people believe that loose leaf teas are actually more flavorful and natural than bagged teas.

If you have never prepared loose leaf tea, basically you get the warm up the water. Then you can put the tea leaves directly into the water and allow them to steep for a few minutes, before using a strainer to remove the tea leaves from the water. You can also use a tea pot that allows you to put the tea leaves into a little container and dip it into the tea so that the loose leaves don't get all over the place will they steep in the water.

With loose leaf tea, you can really customize the flavor by adding in other types of tea leaves and spices to the mix. For example, if you like grey tea, you can add in grey tea leaves or if you love a raspberry tea, add in some fresh raspberries. You can combine other tea flavors together to create the specific type of tea flavor you want to enjoy.

#2 You Can Sweeten Your Tea

You can also sweeten your hemp tea. You can sweeten your hemp tea with a little lemon I fyou want a more herbal taste. You can add a little milk to get more of a silky, chia tea flavor to your tea. Or you can add some honey or even sugar into your tea to sweeten it up.

#3 Hemp Tea Will Not Get Your High

Hemp tea is not going to get you high. Hemp tea does not contain THC, which is the element in cannabis that produces the "high" effect that many people associate with cannabis. With hemp tea though, you will benefit of the CBD that is in the hemp leaves. CBD is the element within cannabis and hemp that helps fight back against pain and has many health benefits associated with.

#4 Hemp Tea Can Offer Benefits

Hemp tea can offer specific benefits to your body due to the presence of CBD within the tea. It can help fight back against chronic pain. If you are feeling nausea, it can help whisk away your nausea. It can help lower your anxiety if you suffer from high anxiety and it can help your body fight back against many autoimmune diseases. Hemp tea is not a medicine or a cure all, but it can help make your body feel better and fight back against a variety of different conditions.

Many teas offer health benefits, and hemp tea is just another type of tea that you can use to stay health. 

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