Need To Ship Large Documents Or A Poster? A Few Reasons To Always Use A Shipping Tube

10 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Shipping large, important documents, posters, or works of art needs to be done in a manner that will ensure they get where they are going in as good of a condition as they were before they were packed. The best way to send these types of things to keep them in their original condition is to gently roll them. This will require a shipping tube. Here are some of the reasons you should always use the tube shipping method for transporting paper or paper-like objects.

No Folding

One of the big problems with folding a piece of paper-like material is the creases. No matter what material, the creases may be permanent. If you attempt to iron out the creases, the heat can cause damage, using water to work out the crease could be more damaging than the crease. If you attempt to roll the item and put it in a box, the box may crush, causing creases.


Shipping tubes can be easily customized to fit whatever it is you are shipping. Be sure to buy one that is at least long enough for the item, you can always cut some off to make it fit perfectly. You can also find tubes in many different diameters so you won't have to worry about having to roll the item too tightly, but it will stay secure in the tube.

Different Materials

Shipping tubes are available in corrugated cardboard, metal, and in plastic. All are very durable and hard to crush. However, you may want to choose plastic or metal if you are going to be transporting the item long distance. Cardboard may become damp and hold the water, which can seep through to the item and damage it.

Great for Storage

When the person receiving the item needs to keep it stored for a while, a shipping tube is perfect for this. They can fit it into places between boxes, or keep it on a shelf in a cupboard. The tube will protect what is inside.

The next time you need to shop something paper or paper-like, talk to the shopping company about the different tubes they have available. Once you see them, you will see why they make the perfect shipping container. They are also very good to have around when you need to pack things up to mover. You may want to get a few extra for some things you have at home or around the office that need to be stored safely too.