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Custom Vinyl Signs Are A Good Way To Advertise Your Food Truck Or Booth

If you operate a food truck or set up booths at local events, then you'll have special needs for your signs. Vinyl banners are ideal because they are attractive and roll up for easy portability. They're also affordable so you can have several signs made that you can use for different occasions. Here are a few tips for creating an effective custom sign for your food business.

Pick An Attractive Background Color

The focus of your sign will be the text, so you don't want colorful background patterns to detract from it. Instead, choose a bold solid color that draws attention and is easy to contrast with other colors on the print. You'll want to have your logo and brand colors chosen in advance so all your signs will display the same colors. This makes your truck or booth recognizable from a distance. Establishing brand colors also makes your products recognizable if you ever place your food in stores.

Make The Text Easy To Read

The text should use a simple font that is easy to read from a distance. The color should contrast the background color so the words stand out on the sign. When you have a sign made for your food business, you'll want it to include your company name and other important information, but you probably want your main sign to advertise your identity without having so much text it is difficult to read. Hang this large banner sign over your truck or booth and people can identify you from a distance.

You can also have smaller signs made that people closer to the truck can read. This could list your daily locations and times of operation. You could even have a menu sign created so people standing at the end of the line can read your food choices and have their orders ready when they reach the ordering window.

Add Special Event Signs To Your Collection

Since custom vinyl banners are affordable, you can have some created for special events. You could add the name of the event to your traditional banner design or create entirely new designs to be used during the Christmas season or for special sporting events in your city. Creating these event and seasonal signs make you seem more personable and connect you with your community. Plus, they give your truck a fresh look throughout the year. As long as you keep your primary identifying sign in place, changing secondary signs with the seasons helps keep your advertising fresh.

Custom banners are perfect for a mobile food business since traditional stationary signs aren't suitable. Custom banners even have advantages over other signs in that they are colorful, easy to make, and affordable. They are a good way to let the world know about your business and the type of food you offer. To learn more, visit a website like

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