3 Skills of Successful Retail Employees

13 May 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're looking for a job, registering with a staffing agency will provide you with many benefits. Many companies prefer to leave screening applicants to an agency and then directly hire successful candidates from there rather than handling everything themselves. This can give the job seeker an advantage as it can open more opportunities. This is especially ideal for people who are looking to transition from one career or industry to another.

The biggest benefit, however, is that a staffing agency will get you working somewhere and bringing in money while you continue your job search. Retail jobs are plentiful, especially during the holidays. They also make great second jobs if you are working to pay off debt or save for a house. Some even pay commission on top of wages, which can allow you to earn even more. If you've never worked in retail, you may wonder if you're cut out for it. Here is a look at three common qualities of a good retail employee.

Customer Service Skills

Virtually every industry wants employees who have excellent customer service skills if they are going to be dealing with customers. In retail, that means just about every worker will need to provide stellar service, with customer satisfaction as their number one goal. In the age of global commerce and social media where anyone can jump on their phone or computer and order what they want or leave a review, excelling in customer service is paramount to beating the competition. Employers want employees with a can-do attitude, a thorough understanding of the products and services offered, and a friendly, cheerful disposition.

Communication Skills

In most business settings, there are two kinds of customer, internal and external. Internal customers are employees who work within the organization but may be in other departments. External customers are those who are buying the products and services the company offers. The ability to communicate effectively with both is key. For example, in a retail store, stockers will need to work closely with the shipping and receiving department as well as with customers who need help finding something in the store. Listening to customer needs is just as important as what you say and how you say it. Persuasive speech is a principal skill for salespeople in retail.

Physical Capabilities

Most retail employees spend the majority of the time on their feet. Whether they are a cashier, salesperson, stocker, or warehouse worker, they need to have the stamina to either stand in one place or constantly move for their entire shift.

If you are looking for a retail sales job, reach out to a staffing agency today.