Avoid Serious Problems: Why You Need To Have Your Lake Dredged Right Away

30 December 2020
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If you manage a planned community that contains a lake — natural or manmade — you owe it to your residents to provide proper maintenance. Many property managers don't realize how much work goes into caring for a lake. This is especially true where dredging is concerned. But, dredging is essential for the health of your lake. If you don't think you need to go through the time or expense to have the lake dredged, read the information provided below. You'll find four important reasons why you need to have the lake dredged as soon as possible. 

Utilize Organic Matter

If the common areas of your community aren't looking as lush and vibrant as they once were, now's the perfect time to have the lake dredged. You might not realize this, but there's a mass of organic matter at the bottom of the lake. That organic material comes from the vegetation that's growing in the lake. But, it also comes from fish and bird waste. What you might not know is that the organic matter that's dredged up can be used as a natural fertilizer for the plants and lawns throughout the community. If your community includes a golf course, the organic material can be used to keep the greens healthy. 

Increase Property Value

If the community lake has not been dredged in a while, property values might pay the price. This is especially true if the lake has developed signs of a problem, such as weed overgrowth or foul odors. If property values are affected, your residents will retaliate, especially if they're unable to sell their homes as a result of the lake issues. The best way to avoid those problems and to increase property values is to have the lake dredged before issues arise. 

Protect Delicate Ecosystem

If you haven't had the lake dredged in a few years, the delicate ecosystem may be at risk. You might think that an abundance of organic matter will help the ecosystem to flourish, but that's not necessarily the case. Too much organic matter can reduce oxygen levels in the lake water, which can harm the ecosystem. Not only that but as the weeds overgrow the lake, they can crowd out the plant life that's essential for a healthy lake. To protect the ecosystem, have your lake dredged as soon as possible.

Prevent Lake-Related Flooding

Finally, if you can't remember the last time the lake was dredged, your planned community is at risk for floods. Excess silt and organic matter levels reduce the depth of the lake. Unfortunately, when the depth is reduced, the lake can't hold torrential rainfall, which increases the risk of flooding. Maintain proper depths to reduce the risk for flooding. Invest in lake dredging right away.

For more information, contact a hydraulic dredging service in your area.