About CDL A Truck Driving Positions

28 March 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you've decided you want to get your CDL truck driving license, then you might want to consider getting the CDL A license. With this license, you can drive a lot of different types of trucks that you would also be able to make a good living operating. You can learn more about the CDL A truck driving license, some of the types of trucks you can get a position driving, and some other advantages to choosing this career by reading the content offered below.

What is a CDL license?

A CDL license is a special license that allows you to operate vehicles that you can't legally drive with the common CDL D license, which is the license you get to drive your regular-use family vehicles. A CDL A license is a driver's license that allows you to legally operate certain types of vehicles. These include large and heavy vehicles, as well as HAZMAT placarded vehicles. There are also other classes of CDL trucking licenses as well and these include the CDL B and the CDL C licenses. The CDL B allows someone to operate vehicles like school buses, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, etc. The CDL C allows someone to operate a vehicle with more than 16 people, as well as HAZMAT placarded vehicles. 

What are some examples of jobs you can get with a CDL A license?

When you get your CDL A license, you will be able to get a lot of different types of driving jobs. Here are some examples of the types of driving jobs you would be qualified for: 

A freight truck driver - You can also work as a long-distance or short-distance freight truck driver. When you are a freight truck driver, you may be transporting all kinds of different types of items. Often, these hauls will be taking items from warehouses to stores or other businesses. You could be hauling food and these trucks will be refrigerated when food items that are being transported in them need to be kept at or below a certain temperature. 

A vehicle hauling truck driver - You can also work as a vehicle hauling truck driver. This means you will be driving one of the trailers that are transporting a number of vehicles from one location to another which can be local or across the country. 

A heavy equipment truck driver - You will also be qualified to work as a heavy equipment truck driver when you have your CDL A license. This means that you will be hauling heavy equipment with a truck and trailer. For example, you could be hauling large tractors or cranes on a flatbed trailer. 

What are some benefits of working as a truck driver?

One person's reasons for liking being a truck driver can vary greatly from another's. However, some of the things many like about being truck drivers are that the pay can be great, there is the option to be self-employed in the future, and there can be plenty of travel involved. Contact someone in your area for more information on truck driving opportunities in the future.