5 Reasons To Use Spray Foam Insulation On Your Home

30 March 2021
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It is important to have a well-insulated home. When it comes to residential insulation, one material you should consider is spray foam. Spray foam is applied wet to an area, and then the foam expands so that it filled up the area it was sprayed into. Air fills up the insulation as it expands.

Reason #1: Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs

One of the biggest reasons to add insulation to your home is to control your heating and cooling costs. By adding spray foam insulation to your home, you will increase your home's overall insulation factor. Less outside air will get into your home, which will help keep your home at a more consistent temperature, which will allow you to spend less money heating and cooling your home.

Reason #2: Reduce the Chance for Mold

Any open space in your home is a space where mold can grow. When you add spray foam insulation to your walls and attics, you fill up that space where water can intrude and where mold can thrive. Spray foam fills up space, keeping moisture and condensation out and reducing the chance of mold in your walls and attic.

Reason #3: Increase the Strength of Your Home

Adding spray foam insulation to your walls will help to increase the strength of your home. As your walls are filled with spray foam insulation, the foam will attach to the exterior sheathing of your home, as well as the wall studs of your home. As the foam hardens, it will strengthen the overall integrity of the overall structure of your home, helping your home better deal with high winds and other adverse weather conditions.

Reason #4: Long-Lasting

Other types of insulation, such as fiberglass and styrofoam insulation, will bunch up and sag over time. It is designed to break down, which means that you will have to replace or replenish the insulation regularly. Spray foam insulation isn't designed like that; it will not bunch up and sag, and it will not break down. It is designed to last for decades, so when you add spray foam to your home, you can count on it to last for a long time.

Reason #5: Improve Allergies

Spray foam insulation can help with your allergies, as the spray foam will fill in small spaces in your walls and foundation, keeping outside air from seeping into your home. Spray foam will keep out outside air, as well as all the allergens that like to hitch a ride on that air and into your home. If you suffer from allergies, you will enjoy the break from allergens your home will provide with spray foam insulation in place.

Spray foam insulation will help increase the insulation properties of your home and will not break down quickly. It will help strengthen your walls, reduce opportunities for mold growth, and block out allergens. Spray foam will improve the all-around quality of your home.