Things to Specify When Renting a Roll-off Container for Commercial Trash Removal

5 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Commercial worksites can have a large collection of unused items that build up over time. Instead of trying to get rid of them one by one, you can do a massive dump with a commercial roll-off container. This container rental will give you no trouble if you specify the following things.

Materials You're Disposing

Every commercial dumping project will have specific items that are being thrown away. You want to look at these items carefully and then write as many as you can down. You can then email the roll-off container provider this list.

It will help them determine how big of a dumpster you need, as well as the special features it needs to come with. Additionally, giving the container rental provider this list can help you figure out what items can't be thrown away. The company will let you know either way so that you can do something else with these items if they aren't accepted by the container provider.

Your Upcoming Availability

Roll-off container providers only have a set number of rental units that they can give to clients throughout the week. That's why you want to specify the days you'll be available for the next couple of weeks.

Then the container provider can check their bookings to see when there are upcoming openings for their containers. Try to give the provider an accurate window so that there isn't any trouble getting a roll-off container for however many days you need it around the commercial site.

Your Preferred Drop-Off Location 

Before the company comes out with the roll-off container, they will ask you where you want this unit. They'll typically do this when you first contact them about renting the container. This is a decision you need to think about to really have the best time dealing with this container while commercial items are being dumped.

Think about a location that will accommodate the particular size of the container you've selected. The location also needs to make sense for where you'll be a majority of the time getting rid of things in your commercial building. Once you have a spot, talk with the provider to make sure it's feasible.

You can make renting a roll-off container for commercial dumping an effortless step by having a couple of things worked out before getting too far in the rental process. Then you can hand over this info, making things pretty easy for both you and the container provider.