Custom Stonework For Interiors And Exteriors

28 September 2022
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Stonework provides an air of authenticity and promotes stability and rustic vibes. Since stonework has been featured in homes and outdoor spaces for many years, you too may want to experience a stone surface within your interior or exterior living space.

Stone Use

A fireplace surround, a framework that surrounds a pond or pool, siding, and wall covers can be constructed with various types of stones. Stonework will add color and texture to surfaces and can be used as a stabilizing material that will support materials that will be installed above a series of stones. Stones can be used to construct items that will be used on a routine basis. A stone pizza oven, planters, bench seating, and walls can all be constructed using a stonework design.


A stone masonry contractor may feature limestone, fieldstone, river rocks, cobblestone, and other specialized stone varieties. Any of these varieties are naturally found in the environment. Natural stone varieties are mined at quarries. A quarry is a deep pit where natural stone materials are extracted. Upon extracting stone materials, a producer will cut products into slabs and use shaping, texturizing, and cutting methods to create unique products that can be used to make structures or decorate a structure or a parcel of land.

Custom Uses

If there are any existing structures within a home or on a parcel of land that need some touchup work, a property owner may choose to have custom stonework added to the surface of the structure. Thin stone veneers can be used to replicate a natural stone product. Any new additions that will be added to the property can consist of full-sized stone materials. Stone materials can be assembled using the same pattern and colors or can be arranged in a more asymmetrical fashion.

If many stones will be used and they are of various sizes, the stones that will be bearing the most weight should be anchored near the bottom of a structure. A manufacturer of artificial stone products may feature many faux stone varieties that can be used to create residential stonework.

A casting process is used to make faux stones. A concrete mixture is used to make artificial products. Paints and dyes are used to customize stonework products. Some artificial products may be designed to contain multiple colors and textures. A product like this will look totally natural, due to the imperfections in the surface of each stone.

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